...Our Store

...At Mary's front door opened to the public on July 28th, 2004. Owner Mary Carey and her husband, Dennis gutted an old building in downtown Bardstown, and re-furbished it to its present state. Bright color, beautiful art, unique antiques, personalized wedding registries, custom floral arrangements, a custom frame shop and distinctive gifts greet you upon arrival. We pride ourselves on providing our customers a varied array of design and gift choices especially suited for their discriminating tastes.

Come visit us soon and let us help you decide what would be the perfect find…At Mary's.

Mary Carey, Owner

I can't remember a time when I didn't love "accessorizing". As a young girl I must have rearranged my room weekly. I loved going on Antiquing trips with my Mom. Art was another passion. While not the best artist, I did have a good eye for color. I took several art history classes in college and learned to appreciate the genre'. I graduated with a degree in business marketing and management. I wore many hats as I raised my children: Sales clerk, track coach, bookkeeper, youth minister, and even a photographer. At 40 I decided it was time to make my dreams of owning a specialty shop a reality..and ...At Mary's was born.